Ningbo Qunli Fastener Manufacture Co., Ltd.
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Ningbo Qunli Fastener Manufacture Co., Ltd. (NINGBO ZHENHAI KANGYUAN FASTENER CO., LTD.) located at a modern seaport-Ningbo, covering 40000square meters. We specialized in all kinds of stainless steel fasteners and high strength fasteners which are used in automobiles and vessel with an annual output more than 25000 M/T,”Qunli” ...
Add:Xijingtang,jiulonghu town,zhenhai district,ningbo city,P.R.china
Overseas sales:0574-86532777 86532818 Fax:0574-86532222
Domestic sales:0574-86533602 86533603 Fax:0574-86533603
·Socket head series
·Hex head series
·Steel structural series
·High temperature and pressure series
·Self-tapping screws and wood screws
·Set screws
·Carriage bolts,plow bolts
·Fasteners used in automobiless and other vehicles
·Special designed fasteners
·Wind power generation equipments\main projects
Domestic Projects Supply
· Shanghai Tunnel Co., Ltd.: the 2nd tunnel line:Supply high strength and stainless steel fastener.
· Shanghai Waigaoqiao Power Plant: Stainless steel bolts and high strength bolts.
· The longest cross-sea bridge——Hangzhou Bay Bridge, which has a total length of 36KM:Supply all the hex bolts.
· Ethylene project of Sinopec Zhenhai Refining&Chemical Company: stainless steel studs and bolts.
· Shenzhen 5th Metro line of China Railway Group: high strength bolts.
· Zhoushan Islands Island Bridge: stainless steel bolts and high strength bolts.
· Shanghai Donghai Bridge: stainless steel bolts and high strength bolts.
· Shanghai's Chongming Island Bridge: high strength bolts.
· The corss-sea bridge—Hongkong to Shenzhen:supply stainless steel bolts A4-80.

Overseas Projects Supply
· Panasonic Power Station Phase II Project in Japan: Supply large size steel studs.
·The biggest Thermal power plant Phase II Project in Taiwan: Heavy hex bolts and structural parts.
·Hong Kong Biggest Installation Company: Shenzheng-Hongkong Bridge, Hong Kong Western channels, Supply high grade stainless steel fastener.
· Light Rail and Petroleum Pipeline Project in Middle East: Supply high strength and stainless steel fastener